You do not need a referral from your doctor unless your injury is related to a Workers Compensation claim, a Motor Vehicle Accident or you are eligible to claim under the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

All of our Physiotherapists are highly regarded and have been selected for their outstanding academic records, and excellent clinical and communication skills. The Directors of Body Logic are heavily involved in research and education. Their knowledge is shared through internally run education programmes so you can be confident that the treatment you receive from Body Logic Physiotherapists is at the forefront of physiotherapy treatment.

Our Team work together in a collaborative approach to client care. So if your therapist is away on leave, you will be seen by any member of our physiotherapy team, and know that your management will continue as normal. We recommend that if you are in pain – do not wait for your therapist to return from leave – it is important to call us and organise treatment for as soon as possible.


Graduate Physiotherapists

Have completed their Bachelors or Masters degree at university. All Body Logic Physiotherapists are experienced and committed to ongoing education to ensure the delivery of the highest possible care. The physiotherapists are all involved in the ongoing Body Logic mentoring program ensuring all the physiotherapists deliver similar philosophies of treatment.

Senior Physiotherapists

Have completed their Bachelors or Masters degree at university. They have worked with as a physiotherapist for Body Logic for more than 5 years. They are involved in the ongoing Body Logic mentoring program and working towards achieving their Post Graduate Qualifications.

Post Graduate Physiotherapist

Have completed their Masters, which is further study in their chosen field i.e. Musculoskeletal, Sport, or Pelvic Health. This extra study involves advanced clinical training and research.   They are very experienced physiotherapists who ensure the delivery of the highest possible care.

Specialist Physiotherapists

(as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists)

Have attained the highest level of expertise in their particular field of physiotherapy. Physio’s & doctors often use specialists to obtain an advanced diagnosis for a specific problem. Specialists perform reviews on complex, distressing and disabling health and sporting complaints. They also perform independent reviews for insurance companies and medical specialists.

We offer and recommend our new clients have a 1 hour initial appointment so we can hear your story, conduct a thorough examination, explain to you what is going on, treat you and set up a management plan. We want to empower you towards recovery in a way that is easy for you to understand.

If your condition has been a complex and long-term injury we strongly recommend a 1 hour initial appointment.

If you feel that your condition is relatively new, or perhaps a simple sprain, then a 30 minute initial appointment may be more suitable for you. Please speak to our reception team for guidance.

Do you accept all health funds?

Yes, we have HiCaps facilities available for your convenience. HiCaps accepts all major health funds. Please bring your health fund card on the day of your appointment in order for us to process your refund.

How much will I receive back from my health provider?

All health funds rebate differently and we would recommend discussing benefits with your fund. Our reception team can supply the Item Numbers relating to the service to assist you with these discussions.

Are you a HBF or Bupa preferred provider?

Body Logic is a private clinic and we work collaboratively with all health funds, therefore in fairness to all of our clients we have opted not to become a preferred provider for individual funds.

Does Medicare Cover Physiotherapy?

Unfortunately Medicare does not cover physiotherapy. The only exception relates to referrals from a General Practitioner for a multidisciplinary Care Plan.

We charge higher fees than many physiotherapy practices because we spend more time with you.

While many physiotherapy practices offer between 20-40 min appointments, we offer 1 hour for the first appointments and 30 min for followup visits.

At BLP be know that getting your story, conducting a thorough examination and taking the time to educate you and set a plan on the first occasion saves you time and money in the long run. Based on time for service we are actually cheaper than many practices.

Fees are payable at the time of consultation. We accept cash, cheque, EFTPOS Mastercard or Visa. Alternatively we can accept credit card payments over the phone. Unfortunately we are unable to accept electronic transfers to our account.

Please speak to our reception team regarding claims relating to Worker’s Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Veterans’ Affairs.

Yes we do accept Care plans from General Practitioners. You will be required to pay the full amount for your appointment on the day. We will then process your Medicare claim and your rebate will be credited into a cheque or savings account within 24 hours. Please be mindful that the EPC plan will not cover the full amount of your consult.

Our normal opening hours vary between clinics. Please refer to our ‘Contact Us’ page of the Website for all opening hours.

Are you open on Saturdays?

Yes our Shenton Park clinic opens Saturday’s from 8.00am to 1.00pm for your convenience.

The time can vary but if we are unable to get you in the time frame you require we do have a waiting list which is reviewed daily. We will endeavour to get you an earlier appointment depending on your flexibility with dates and times.

Our Physiotherapists will advise you if medical imaging is necessary.

Dry Needling can be an effective technique used as a part of your treatment. Most of our physiotherapists have dry needling training. Please speak to a member of our reception team about this service.

Currently, all of our women’s health physiotherapists are located at our Shenton Park and Joondalup locations. At Body Logic Physiotherapy we complete a full assessment of your problem and design an individual program for you. If you are having problem with pain in the pelvis it is likely that you need individualised, supervised pelvic floor muscle assessment and treatment. Don’t delay seeking help – it could change your life!

Shenton Park – We have some bays on site, or alternatively there is ample street parking in Nicholson Road, Excelsior Street and neighboring streets. Please check street signage for times.

Bethesda – Paid parking is available within the hospital grounds. Alternatively street parking is available in neighboring streets. Please check street signage for times.

Joondalup – There are various parking options – please click HERE for more information.