Pain Management

  • Pain associated with our muscles, joints and nerves can be an unpleasant experience, which can have a major impact on our physical and emotional health.
  • We now know that a number of factors can contribute to this experience. These can include problems with the bodies structures, the way we control our body, the way we think and feel about our pain, as well as our lifestyle.
  • We know that the best way to manage pain is to understand its complexity, develop strategies to control it and learn ways to get back to the things in life we love.
  • Sometimes this involves ‘hands on’ approaches to relieve your pain and restore function, but it always involves and active process of helping restore your function and health.
  • Our physiotherapists are skilled to take you on this journey.
  • We recommend all people with persistent pain to watch this video (Chronic pain explained in 5 minutes and what to do about it) as it highlights our philosophical approach at Body Logic Physiotherapy in dealing with these disorders.

Manual and manipulative therapy

Most of our physio’s hold, or are studying, post graduate degrees in physiotherapy, be that manipulative, musculoskeletal, sports or pelvic health. This means you are in safe hands when it comes to our skilled clinicians using their hands for treatment. For many conditions, manual and manipulative therapy can provide relief from symptoms, and our comprehensive management plan will ensure you also know how you yourself can best help your condition.